Complete List of the Top Mechanical Engineering Schools

You can your degree in Engineering online like thousands of other students. Below are some of the best accredited schools offering online Mechanical and other Engineering programs.

Lehigh University
MS: Mech Eng
MS: Mfg Sys Eng
Lehigh University: Lehigh University is one of the premiere schools in higher education for engineering degrees. They offer two online programs at the master degree level. The first is one of the few accredited online programs for Mechanical Engineering and the second degree is the MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering. These programs require no campus visitation for completion.
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DeVry University
BS: Electronics Eng Tech
Drexel University: DeVry University is one of the largest technical schools in America with almost 90 campuses in the US. It provides one of the most robust offerings of technology degrees online, like the BS in Electronics Engineering Technology and the MS in Electrical Engineering. Whether you’re trying to advance your career or just keeping up-to-date, DeVry is an excellent choice.
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Drexel University
MS: Eng Tech
MS: Electrical Eng
Drexel University: Drexel University is a private school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that has jumped to making online education available in response to changing trends and technology. Their course catalogue includes the MS in Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering programs, which can be completed in less than two years from your own PC.
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Mechanical engineering is a continually growing field not only work but study as people wish to learn how trade works in the real world. Mechanical engineering is a practice some choose to learn because they have a love of all things mechanical be it a parts to a car, airplanes, boats, anything that come to mind from a mechanical standpoint in life. But what exactly does it entail?

What is Mechanical engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is the application of and understanding of physics and materials sciences that in turn, help people develop and even distribute the means of inner mechanical communication. What this means is you build something from scratch and make it run on, like a car engine or a motor, anything that is essentially the “heart” of a contraption, these products contain all the necessary data and know how we use every single day of our lives, this is the data that creates and maintains our mechanical prowess.

It is not a field one can simply join and learn in a day, it involves the kind of work that could literally make or break someone day while they use your developed mechanical goods. What you need to understand is, how does a machine run? You need to learn about the kinematics, thermodynamics and structural analysis of any given product to best construct it properly and efficiently to specifications. It is a hefty learning process and one that sometimes is missed by individuals already working the field.

What are kinds of degrees are available for Mechanical engineering studies?

When looking for a degree in this field you can find some of them within the boundaries of not only a bachelor’s degree but as a master’s as well. Of course It always makes perfect sense to start from the top and you can do this with a bachelor’s degree.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering: A Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering can be earned at a four-year university or college. Students will learn how to determine the strength and behavior of materials, how heat and fluid will flow through any given piece of material, and all the simplicities of engine design. Mechanical engineering isn’t just relegated to factory-type machines you can also learn to program, learn about circuits and controls like an electrical engineer and even some management industry engineering will be explored and understood throughout this course of study.
  • Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering: After a mechanical engineer has their bachelor’s degree, they can choose to go to graduate school, usually for about one or two more years, to receive their master’s degree. The Bachelor will usually pick an engineering subject, such as fluid dynamics or heat transfer, to study in greater depth. Many times, a master’s of mechanical engineering student will assist professors in their research or teach undergraduate engineering students. Armed with a master’s degree, a mechanical engineer will have more job opportunities available to him, especially in the aerospace industry.

What kind of financial aid/scholarships are available for those seeking a degree in Mechanical Engineering?

If you choose to major in this field financial aid is readily available for those who need it depending on the college you apply to. The business of mechanical engineering is a very popular program that is often the center of any college’s chosen field of study. The big problems that exists is sometimes they disappear at the flick of your wrist and they take some time to replenish before you can sign yourself up for one of them so you better get one fast because they’ll be gone as quick as they arrived if you don’t get it in time. But it all really depends on what type of engineer you want to be, this will determine what scholarships and aid will be made available to you.

What are some colleges or universities that offer mechanical engineering programs?

  • Stanford University
    • Address: 450 Serra Mall Stanford, CA 94305
    • Phone: (650)-723-2300
  • MIT
    • Address: 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139
    • Phone: (617) 253-1000
  • University of California, Berkeley
    • Address: Berkeley, CA
    • Phone: (510) 642-5215
  • Everest College
    • Address: 23400 Michigan Ave # 200, Dearborn
    • Phone: (313) 562-4228
  • Kaplan Career Institute
    • Address: 18440 Ford Road, Detroit, MI 48228
    • Phone: (313) 425-4300

What is the Average Salary of a person with a degree in Mechanical engineering?

Clearly depending on the position and what company you’re intent on getting hired by you could easily make numbers between 60 and 80 thousand dollars a year. All of this depending on the type of degree that you gain for your knowledge of all things mechanical, having a bachelor of science degree seems to be the most profitable degree when it comes down to the amount of money you’ll be making at any given time. Keeping this in mind that number will increase even more depending on more advanced degrees you choose to gain such as a master’s degree, though advanced degrees like that are not required it will still help you out tremendously and may even get you in the position of management if that’s what you’re aiming for.

What are some common Mechanical engineering careers?

  • Aerospace EngineerYou’d be responsible for manufacturing, engineering and improving that of not only specialized aircraft but even space related craft as well like those of Apollo, Discovery, etc. it’d be your duty to make sure they are safe, efficient, and practical.
  • Civil EngineeringAs a civil engineer you are responsible for the creation and designation of bridges and buildings, the kind of stuff we see every day in our cities and towns, it’s your job to build the best and to make sure that every piece of that civil architecture is safe and secure for all to use all times of the day, every day, maintaining these structures is also a must.
  • Mechanical engineeringWhy not just be what you studied? As a mechanical worker you are the one that designs, builds and constructs every day mechanisms like air conditioners, computers (the parts), lawn mowers, medical equipment, pretty much everything that makes up our daily routine you will give a hand in building.

The career paths in this industry are massive and the products to be manufactured are near-endless. Without people working in the engineering industry things would be a lot harder to do and take so much more time to accomplish. That’s why most have been lucky to say they can build something of municipal value.

Complete List of Campuses that have Mechanical Engineering Programs